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What does the review do?

I completed the translation of the video for the " " link and now the video needs review.

I don't know if it is me or someone else who needs to do the review.

The review status is still "not assigned".

How should I proceed? Do I need to wait or communicate with someone to request a review?

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Thank you for your query, Cintia Martins Campos.

I am not sure either how reviews work in the Marginal Revolution University team. 

However, the Owner Marilia_PM lists Portuguese, Brazilian in her languages. So you could send her a message from her profile page. You could ask her what are the steps: translate, review, but also approve? And if contributors can also do reviews?

If she does not answer, you can also create a ticket that will go to Amara's tech staff: they will be able to answer you.



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