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Can't download subtitles in .SRT...

Hi there

In the help section it talks about a dropdown where I can choose the format in which I want to download my subtitles. However, there is NO drop-down? And when I click download, it only downloads my subtitles in .txt 

Can someone please clarify where I can find the dropdown they're talking about?

My subtitles are done. I just need the SRT file... and AMARA doesn't seem to provide this?



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Thank you for your query, Ferdinand Gernandt.

On the main Amara page for a given video, the link for the dropdown list is on the right of the Subtitles header:

On the page for a given set of subtitles, the link for the dropdown list is under the name of the subtitles:

The dropdown list includes SRT, among other subtitle formats.

If you still cannot find these download links, please give the URL of the Amara page where they are lacking.

Thank you in advance,


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