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My Subtitles got pushed to the end of the timeline

I am working as a volunteer on a team. I was editing subtitles(first time user) and somehow, one of the subtitles froze on screen. It extended the time of the subtitle 43 minutes, before I found the error. I was able to shorten the subtitled, but now all 1151 other subtitles are at the end of my timeline.

1-Is there a way to "group" subtitles and bring them back to their original position?

2-Have I just destroyed all the subtitles, even though they show below the timeline, they are not on the timeline?

3-Is there a view where you can see the entire timeline and drag/drop the titles back into place?

Thank you

Yes, Tim was able to recover the work. Thank you Claude! 

Thank you for the link, Cailyn. Tim.Joppien has  fixed the issue in the meantime, so maybe you could ask him how he did it?



Hi Here is the link: Also, it is prompting Syncing, but I am not doing any part of that type of work. Just simply helping with the English subtitles. Thank you

Thank you for your query, Cailyn McCauley.

This type of issue can be fixed, but the method depends on each concrete case.  Please indicate the URL of the relevant Amara subtitle page, so I can suggest the most appropriate fix.

Thank you in advance


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