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Private Videos with Plus Account

Hello, I'm planning to purchase a plus account but I am unsure wether the privacy of the videos is enough.

With a plus account, I seem to have understood that I can create a private place where to share videos and invite people to contribute to the captions. What is not clear is if I will be able to invite non-paying users to contribute to the captions.

I also do not understand why "plus" provides me with 2 accounts.

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Thank you for your questions, and apologies for my belated answer, Niccolò Granieri: I didn't get the notification.

Unfortunately, I am only competent for questions about the public part of Amara.  Please repeat your queries in a private ticket: it will go to Amara's technical staff who are also in charge of the private paying part. They will be able to answer you.


Claude Almansi

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