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The "edit subtitles"-button is missing

I can't enter the editor to continue working on my subtitles. The button is simply gone., and the only thing I can click on is "delete subtitles".
Has this happened to anyone else? It's the same no matter what browser I use.

Thank you for pointing this out, Emelie Wetterling.

Please indicate the URL of the Amara page with your subtitles. Whether the video has been added to the public or to a team space is important.



It's the same for all of the videos in my team, Thanks!

Apologies: this is a team I am not member of, so I cannot see your page. 

Please create a ticket describing again this issue, mentioning it is a team issue in the subject. The ticket will go to Amara's tech staff, who will be able to fix the issue.



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