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Insert Subtitle at current time?


Is there any shortcut to insert a new subtitle at the current curser time? THis is when we are in the sync editor ... I know you can insert a new subtitle before or after a previous one ... but, if you have a long empty space on the timeline and then realise you missed a subtitle in the middle of that empty space ... it would be handy to have the curser where you want a suvbtitle to start and the you just click "Insert New Subtitle"


Thank you for your question, MichaelDuff

I should check further, but  I believe this happened to me: I had stopped the video at the point where I wanted to insert the subtitle, and then I used the "add a subtitle below" feature on the former subtitle:  the new subtitle did appear where I wanted it, though I had to confirm it on the timeline.



Thanks Claude ... when i do it (add subtitle below) it doesn't seem to put it at the current time .. just puts it someone random between the two subtitles. This is fine when the empty gap is small because then I can just drag it back ... but if the gap is larger that what is displayed on the screen then you have to scroll forward, find the empty subtitle, and gradually drag it back to where you want it.


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