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How to fix overlapping SRTs


I had a video on youtube, and I downloaded the SRT from youtube. 

Then I got it translated. 

But now, it seems that the youtube SRT is not good, as some of the timings overlap.

Is there any 'automated' way to fix overlapping timings in an SRT in amara? 

thanks :)


Thank you for your question, elaine.

No, there is no automated way to do this in Amara. However, if you create an Amara page from the URL of the YouTube video, and then upload the YouTube SRT to the Amara page, you will be able to use the Amara subtitle editing tool to fix overlapping subtitles. 

Actually, you can also do that with the YouTube subtitle editing tool: choose the one you find easier.



Yes, there are several automated methods to fix overlapping timings in SRT files. One popular option is to use the "go fixer" tool, which can be found on GitHub. This tool will automatically adjust the timings of overlapping subtitles to ensure that they do not overlap. Another option is to use the Subtitle Edit software, which has a built-in function for fixing overlapping subtitles. Finally, you can also use an online subtitle editor, such as Amara, to manually fix overlapping subtitles.

I also use the "go fixer" tool. It is a great tool. Thanks for sharing it

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