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how to create 2 work samples on the Amara profile

i just apply to join AOD. It is required to create 2 works samples on the profile. 

i do not how to do. pls help 

Thank you for your query, Nguyen Thi Diem Thuy.

Once you have created an profile, sign in to it, then use the Amara tool to create your two work samples. They will automatically be listed in the Activity tab of your profile and, vice-versa, your username will be listed in the subtitle page you used.

You can then indicate the URLs of the subtitles you created in your application.



PS useful tip: as Amara works like Wikipedia, where all users can modify / continue the work of all users, it is a good idea to add a note next to your first subtitle saying you want to do this set of subtitles solo, as you'll use it for an application. Then if someone nevertheless changes your work, you can simply roll back to your last revision. Doing so without previous warning would be a bit rude.

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Big thank Claude Almansi,

Have a great day !

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