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Uploaded Subtitles. Nothing happens

I uploaded subtitles for a video link but nothing seems to happen.

This is the video:

The subtitles just  say "music" or use the old autogenerated subtitles.  The subtitles I uploaded are punctuated correctly.

When I click the leftmost button on the bottom that looks like a page of text it seems to show the correct text.

Please help.


Thank you for your question, Fred Curry.

 I'm a bit puzzled, because comparing revisions 2 and 3,  you seem to have put "Victor Gijsbers" in instances where the automatic subtitles offered fanciful things (1). Your corrections do indeed appear in the subtitles when you play the video in the Amara pages. I.e. the subtitles are identical to the transcript you opened with the page icon, in punctuation too: normal as the transcript is generated by the subtitles.

Now did you perhaps try to upload an even more recent version than revision 3, and the upload didn't work?

Looking forward to your further explanation.



(1) Actually there seems to be one further fanciful automatic transcription; "Victor fiber's" at 3:15 - 3:20 should apparently be corrected into "Victor Gijsbers" too?

Thanks for noticing the fanciful correction I need to make, but I am still not seeing the transcripts when I play.

Here is what I see no matter where I am in the video:

imageIt just always says "Music".

Oh I see: do you mean that your subtitles don't appear on YouTube?

Amara-made subtitles only get automatically published on YouTube if the person who uploaded the video to YouTube has synced (linked) his/her YouTube channel with her/his Amara account. 

This is not the case with this video.

Or maybe the subtitles don't show on Amara's streaming of the video when you embed it elsewhere? If so, could you please give the link of the page where you made the embed?

Thank you in advance


I'm sorry, I am very new to this and trying to get videos to reach ADA compliance for my courses.

I thought that I link to the video using the link above and that students would then be able to use the subtitles.  I can't upload the video to my account.  It is not a video I made.  I am just providing subtitles.

The problem is that the subtitles never show.  Only "music" shows at the bottom.

What I need is a way to include these videos in Canvas.  Normally I just provide a YouTube link, but it is not a link to a personal channel.  


Dear Fred,

I saw that Erin O'Driscoll replied to your ticket shortly after your last reply here in this discussion, so I didn't rereply here. 

However, including in Canvas is a new element. Have you tried to use the embed code using the "Get Embed Code" link in the left column? If it does not work,  you could just link to the Amara page.

Maybe you could add this info about Canvas in a reply to your  ticket  1037841.

As to only seeing the "music" subtitle: with Firefox, I see all subtitles normally. However, you have blank subtitles between real subtitles, and overlaps. So it is possible that if you use them in Canvas, they don't work.

Therefore, I have removed the blank subtitles, corrected the overlaps. In two sections, I also had to resplit the subtitles because they were too short. Anyway, I attach the modified file, which should work on any platform. Please let me know.



PS if you're interested in how I proceeded, I'll describe it. But it would be a bit boring otherwise.

PPS Out of curiosity, what software did you use to make the subtitles you uploaded?

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