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Please DELETE my videos

Hello Amara team, 

I have created my profile today in Amara and I am quite unhappy with the service provided. I have read several articles about this topic and it says you can't delete videos that will affect other's work. So, obviously, my works are won't affect anyone's videos and subtitles, cause my videos are brand new and even do not have subtitles yet. 

So, please, delete my videos and I will deactivate my profile.

Many thanks. 

My videos: 

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Thank you for your request, Aigul. Unfortunately, I can only delete subtitles, not video pages. Please make your request in a ticket that will go to Amara tech staff. They will be able to delete the video pages you created.

May I ask if your unhappiness with Amara is solely due to the impossibility for users to delete the pages they create, or do you have other complaints? A reply would help towards improving Amara.



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