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discrepancy of line breaks between editor and viewer windows

Hi friends,

I'm new to using Amara and have started translating TEDxTalks to French. Some of my work has been returned by reviewers who are asking me to keep all my subtitles under 42 caracters to a single line. However, in many cases, when I type them in one single line and see or error warnings in the editor, the video & subtitle viewer in the middle of the top part of the tool often render them in two lines, with orphan words on the second line. I've been working around that by forcing a line break earlier to avoid orphan words, but my reviewers don't like that!

I have noticed the same thing happening with my 2 line subtitles in the editor rendered as 3 lines in the viewer. Have you experienced this? can you help? Is it worth a support ticket or am I missing something ? 

If it's any helpful, i'm using the Amara editor on a Macbook with Chrome.


just found what is happening. My browser display was slightly zoomed to help me read smaller characters on other websites, which was changing the usual dimensions of the viewer window. Now that I have set every back to normal display size, the issue is solved.

Thank you for finding the explanation yourself, Etienne: I was still attempting to reproduce the issue, but didn't think of zooming.

Big thanks,


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