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Can you please help me - the subtitles don't get published!


I opened this ticket: #132368

But there is still no answer.

I don't understand why the subtitles don't get published.


Thank you for your question, Aleksandra.

Amara subtitles only get automatically published to your YouTube videos if you connect your YouTube and your Amara accounts: see Linking YouTube and Amara accounts.

But pay serious attention to the tutorial part about privacy before choosing to make such a connection, Often people make it and then ops, they add an unlisted video to YouTube and bang, it appears on Amara where it can be found by search engines.

So with only 4 videos so far in your YouTube account, it might be simpler and safer to just download the subtitles you make with Amara, and then upload them to the relevant YouTube video: see the Upload a file in the Add your own subtitles & closed captions YouTube tutorial.



Claude, thank you so much! I didn't know this has to be done. The last time I was publishing, the subtitles were going automatically.

Thank you.

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