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How can I Translate Video and add Subtitle to my Videos ?

Hey Everyone! 

Could anyone suggest me how can I embed subtitles to my video using Amara? As my clinic website is designed in WordPress, therefore you can also help me by advising the Amara WordPress plugin. So that, I would easily translate my video related to cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation procedures.

Also, tell me, would not there be any issue, if I upload the surgical content that generally includes the adult content, won't it be against the guidelines?

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Hi Ronan,

I have converted your Forum post into a support ticket to be sure we can answer specific details for your project. If you would like a quote for Open or Embedded captions please send the details in the ticket so we can help.


Captions may be “open” or “closed.” 

  • The captions you can create on Amara are Closed Captions which allows the viewer to choose to display them or not in the Video Player. 
  • Open captions are embedded in the video are always in view and cannot be turned off by the viewer.

We can provide Open or Embedded captions through Amara On Demand.

  • If you would like a quote for your video to have embedded subtitles you can submit a request via the online form 
  • Or reply back here and I will forward to our Amara on Demand Team.

Please provide the following details and we will be happy to provide a price quote: 

  • Number of videos 
  • Total run time of videos 
  • Language of the videos 
  • Language(s) you would like subtitles

For what content is allowed on Amara you can refer to Amara's Terms of Service for more details.

Kind regards,


Amara Support Team

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