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How can I add a new translation or improve

How can I add a new translation (the same language with the existing subtitle), or how can I improve it as I desire?

And, is there any differences between improving my own translation and the other's translation?

I am new with amara, please kindly help


Thank you for your question, Trần Thị Tú.

A) For videos added to Amara by an individual user 
(or to teams that do not have tasks)

In the left column of a main Amara page, there is a list of all existing  subtitles, completed or in progress. When you are signed-in to Amara,  you can click on any of the languages, then on the Edit Subtitles tab,  and improve subtitles.

 It is more courteous not to do that when someone  is obviously working on a set of subtitles (i.e. recent last edit), but if they have been abandoned for > 1 year, you can usually do that. In doubt, click on the name of the last subtitler and from her/his profile page, send him/her a message asking if it's OK to continue their work. Of course, you can do as you please with your own subtitles.

B) For videos added to teams that have tasks

(e.g. TED team)

You must first join the team in order to work on its videos.  Teams that have tasks usually link to tutorials about their workflow  at the top of their left column.

Does this help?



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What if the recent user doesn't reply back is it ok to work on it then without their permission/

Yes, it's ok if they don't reply back. BTW, if you want to change subtitles I've made, you don't need to ask: I'm always glad if other people improve my work :)



Hi Claude Almansi,

Thank you for your reply. However, I cannot find that "list of all existing subtitles" anywhere. Could you please show me a snapshot or something? I am really really appreciated.

Thank you for your new question, Trần Thị Tú .  Here is a screenshot showing the list of languages of in the left column:

list of languages in Amara's Sandbox.

I hope this helps.  Otherwise, could you indicate the URL of the Amara page where you worked on subtitles, please?



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