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Captions not Uploading


I have captioned a few different videos for the department that I work in and the captions have not been uploaded to youtube. I captioned them weeks ago so I don't think time is the issue, I have looked around and can't seem to find an answer as to why they wouldn't sync up. Especially when I have done videos since then, and they have been uploaded to youtube. I hope you can help!


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Thank you for reporting this Sydney.

The  Linking YouTube and Amara accounts tutorial has a Checking for importing and exporting issues section. Can you try the procedure it describes, please?

If you find out that there is a tech bug that you still can't overcome:

- you could create a ticket via Tickets go to Amara's tech staff who can help resyncing accounts. However, there has been a lot of tickets recently, so it might take some time until they can address yours

- therefore it might be faster to download your subtitles from Amara and upload them to the corresponding YouTube videos.



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