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Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

I have tried to go into editor as I always do, however, I could not insert any captions because the keyboard shortcuts are not working at all. Furthermore, I cannot sync any captions that are already uploaded. The subtitle play button does not work either. What might be causing this and what can I do to fix it?

Thank you for reporting this, Sarah Catherine. 

Please let me know what is your browser, and also the URL of the video you are trying to subtile: I have just now tried with Firefox and Chrome, and the shortcuts work with those on




I am using Safari, and this is the link:

Aha, don't worry about it. I switched to Google Chrome and it worked fine. So I need to stop using Safari for Amara. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for your very useful re-reply, Sarah Catherine. Safari and other fully opaque Apple programs/apps made me switch to a laptop with Linux, after some 30 years of pleasantly using Macs :(



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