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Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

I have tried to go into editor as I always do, however, I could not insert any captions because the keyboard shortcuts are not working at all. Furthermore, I cannot sync any captions that are already uploaded. The subtitle play button does not work either. What might be causing this and what can I do to fix it?

Thank you for reporting this, Sarah Catherine. 

Please let me know what is your browser, and also the URL of the video you are trying to subtile: I have just now tried with Firefox and Chrome, and the shortcuts work with those on




I am using Safari, and this is the link:

Aha, don't worry about it. I switched to Google Chrome and it worked fine. So I need to stop using Safari for Amara. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for your very useful re-reply, Sarah Catherine. Safari and other fully opaque Apple programs/apps made me switch to a laptop with Linux, after some 30 years of pleasantly using Macs :(



I am having this exact same problem right now and I am using Chrome. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for reporting this, Rayna Nielsen.

Does this happen with all Amara subtitling pages or with one in particular?

If one in particular, please indicate its URL.



I am having this exact same problem right now and I am using Chrome. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your query, Kshitij Mehta

When I click "edit" in the Amara English subtitles page for the video you mentioned, the keyboard shortcuts work, both with Firefox and Chrome. 

Do they now work for you too.maybe? If the issue persist, do none or just some of them not work?



Shortcuts are still not working and I can't even access the playback controls
I can't forward and back the videos
should I reinstall my broswer


Thank you for the screenshot, Kshitij Mehta

Could you try to click on the video itself to start it? Sometimes keyboard shortcuts only work once the video has been launched.

If this does not work, yes, you could try reinstalling your browser. And if this does not work either, please create a ticket, where you can link to this discussion: the ticket will go to Amara's tech staff, who should be able to help you.



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