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hi.. how i can get full subtittle kiraz mevsimi 1 - 59 bolum ? help me please !

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Apologies for the late reply, utari ambarwaty, and thank you for your question.

Short answer: I don't know either, sorry.

Longer answer:  In order for a video to have subtitles on Amara:

  1. The video must be freely available somewhere else online: Amara pages only stream already available videos.
  2. There are people interested enough in the video to make subtitles for it voluntarily.

Now a few episdes of kiraz mevsimi have been published on YouTube, and therefore could theoretically be added to Amara for subtitling. But by far not all the ones you are interested in. 

So propbably, the best solution would be for you to buy the series in a subtitled versio-



I am willing to make subtitles, kindly guide me.

Thank you for your offer, Muhammad Umer.

If you find an online version of the video, you could use its URL to create an Amara subtitling page from Once the subtitling page is created, you will see links on the left for either creating subtitles with the Amara tool, or for uploading existing subtitles.



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