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Remove Subtitles and language


2.I'd like to take down the subtitles because the owner of the videos asked to keep them confidential. If it's possible, I'd like to take down most of the subtitles on my profile (for the same reason). Is there anyway I can do that other than this for each one? Thank you!

Thank you for your request, Amanda: I have deleted the subtitles.

Best wishes for 2019!


I have now looked at your overall subtitling activity. You've done a lot! In theory, I could remove your other subtitles too, but in most cases, the original videos are no longer streaming in the Amara page. So it would not make much sense leaving so many not-working Amara pages.

So could you please make a ticket that will go to Amara tech staff via In the ticket, you could ask for the removal from Amara of all the video pages you added where the videos no longer work and where no one else has added subtitles (1)?  That would take care of your subtitles too.



(1) Better if you list the video pages that fit these two criteria in your ticket

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Thank you very much!
That's a great solution, I'll get on it asap.

best wishes


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