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position subtitles


I edited my subtitles for a video in vimeo adding them at the top of the page (as I wanted the viewers to read them above what they were watching but, after finishing and publishing the subtiles, vimeo added them on the bottom and I don't know how to change them to the top of the page, as when I go back to amara's editor they are screened on the top of the page.

Thanks a lot! 

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Thank you for your question, Nicolas. What format did you save your subtitle file in before using it on your vimeo video?  Asking because for instance .srt does not preserve positioning indications. But WebVTT, which is recommended in and DFXP/TTML preserve them (I don't know about the other listed formats)

Now if you saved your subtitles in a format that keeps positioning indications, and nonetheless they show at the bottom of the vimeo player, please create a ticket via the form in, indicating the URLs of the Amara subtitling page, and attaching your subtitling file: it will go to the Amara tech staff who will look into the matter.



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