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Can't actually subtitle at all?

Hi there!  

I'm new to this platform and I'm volunteering to translate some videos into Dutch (subtitling). 

When I click 'add language' the drop down menu comes up and I select Dutch.

So it says "this video is in English, translate to: Dutch"

then I click continue and it just flashes and stays on the same window. No editor or anything appears, just the same drop down window.

Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong here??

Any help much appreciated.

Using google chrome browser. 

Thank you for reporting this issue, S. Rombacj, and for indicating that you're using Google Chrome. 

The Amara editor works with Chrome, normally: what is the OS of the computer or mobile device you are using, please? Also, could you indicate the URL of the Amara page where this is occurring, if it is public? 


Claude Almansi


Thanks for your reply! I'm using a mac OS High Sierra, the video is this one

Hi again

The page says:"This video is part of the Feminist Frequency team." And the home/dashboard page of the Feminist Frequency team says;   "We need your help subtitling our videos! Apply to Join"

So you presumably need to be member of the team in order to subtitle its videos. Have you applied to join it?



ah ok just saw that button, there was a confusing message above about if you wanted to join start by subtitling.... I'm assuming that will solve it, thanks for helping!

Yes, I got the same message when I revisited their home/dashboard page after applying. So I did what the message says and it seems to work.

Just reply here if you encounter issues.



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