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We're sorry - you don't have access to that page.

Dear Amara team,

I have been unable to access job request links sent to me for a few days even though the requester said they assigned the video to me.

Can you help me?

Thank you!

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 Thank you for your query. Do you perhaps have two Amara IDs, one for the job team and a general one? If so, are you sure you are logged into your "jobs" ID?

If you are and the "We're sorry - you don't have access to that page. " message persists, please create a ticket via The ticket will go to Amara tech staff who  are competent in solving this issue. In this ticket, please add:

  • OnDemand in the subject line (it will prioritize the ticket)
  • as many indications as you can in the body of the ticket: team name, URL of the job's page, requester's name etc.

Thank you in advance,


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