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Saving video with subtitles

I am so stupid bur where can i save my video with subtitles? Please help and send me insruction or screenshot if you can. Thanks! 

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Thank you for this good question, Alexandra.

1) Simple and neat way: using the subtitles in Closed Captions mode.

 You create a folder on your computer, then you save in the folder
  • the subtitles from the relevant Video subtitle page, using the Download tab, e.g. as .srt
  • the video from its source, which appears in the URLs video of the main page

both with the same main name, preferably.

You  can then use a good video player like VLC (multiplatform, downloadable from where you can enable or disable the subtitles. Tutorial: How to add subtitles in VLC Media Player.

2. More complicated: burning the subtitles into the video

You'll have to download the subtitles and the video as in 1. Then you can use a good video editing software that supports burning downloaded subtitles to burn them into the video. Maybe the one already on your computer does that?

  • Advantage: the video editing software will allow you to place the subtitles exactly where you want them.
  • Disadvantages: it takes longer, and you won't be able to toggle the subtitles on and off.


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