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How to create closed captions for a youtube video and download it as an SCC file?

Hi everyone!

I'm subtitling a youtube video, and I need it to make it in close captions style, and download the subtitles in SCC format, 
however, when I go to the download subtitles button, I don't find the SCC format in the options. 

What can I do? 

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Thank you for this interesting question, Yussef. 3PlayMedia offer for free a Caption + Subtitle Format Converter tool that converts subtitle files to a variety of formats, including SCC.

However, when I downloaded the English captions of "Just A Billionaire ..." as .sbv, then tried to use this 3PlayMedia tool to convert it to SCC, the result was a bit odd: to quote just the first two captions:

00:00:00:03    9420 94f4 97a1 a849 6e73 f4f2 756d e56e f461 ec29 942c 8080 8080 942f

00:00:06:17    9420 947c 2020 d9e5 73f4 e5f2 6461 7920 4920 62ef 7567 68f4 20f2 e56d eff2 73e5 5b62 f25d 61f4 20cd e3c4 ef6e 61ec 6420 7320 2080 942c 8080 8080 942f

Nevertheless, the SCC file shown at 0:30 in the View .SCC file (closed caption) and Convert to SubRip on Windows-Subtitle Edit YT video looks similarly weird, so maybe it's OK? I'm not familiar with the SCC format.

If this does not work for you, the paying Amara On Demand service can also make SCC captions for you,


Claude Almansi


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