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Video's won't play for syncing.

I can't get videos to play for syncing in new editor.  Classic editor plays fine.   Video is coming from Video a process I do daily, is stuck.

Thank you for referring this, David. Can you please indicate the URL of the problematic video?

Thank you in advance,

Claude Almansi


I've just posted another video, set to private, that is linked to my account.  I'm getting ready to sync that one in about 10 minutes.

Thank you, David

Recently Vimeo made some changes, which creates problems with the integration of Vimeo videos on Amara. Amara's engineers are working on solving this problem, but with weather forecasts, you probably don't wish to wait.

Alternative solution, as the author of the Vimeo video has authorized downloads: if s/he agrees, you could download it and reupload it on another platform, then add the URL of your new copy to the URLs tab of the page you created from the original video, by clicking on Add new URL then Add.

Once you have done it, click on Make primary for the new URL that will appear in the URLs tab.

There are several platforms where you could upload your copy. In such a case I would prefer the Internet Archive, because it lets you clearly attribute the video to the author and add the copyright license of his/her choice. Once you've uploaded the video there, please copy the URL of the file (and not of the page created by the upload) for use in the Amara URLs tab.




HI, I know this is an old thread, but today I found that a password protected vimeo video doesn't work on the Amara subtitling interface. I can see the video, I can play it in the embedded vimeo player, I can uploaded already created srt files, BUT, They timeline doesn't play -seems to be the same issue reported here. Do you have any updates on this that can be helpful?

I'm working on MacOS 10.14. And tested in Safari and Firefox and the situation was the same in both.

Apologies for the late reply, Mauricio, and big thanks for reporting this.

Can you create a ticket about this issue, please? The ticket will be between you and the tech staff, so you'll be able to give the person who'll answer a temporary pw for the video to let them try and find out more.

Best wihes for 2019


thank you! I will.

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