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Hello, does somebody knows why suddenly I don't have subtitles anywhere? Not even on popcorn and any other online site that has subtitles. I would really appreciate your help because I tried everything and I can't fix it.

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Thank you for reporting this issue, Bojana.

However, I have never encountered it, so I dn't know how to help you. Could you please create a ticket that will go to Amara's tech staff via the form in In the ticket, please give some more info than here. For instance, indicate

  • the OS of the device where the issue appeared, and with which browser (in the case of online subtitles)
  • what happens if you try another browser
  • if you have changed anything in your device's configuration after viewing subtitles last worked for you
  • The URL/s of a /some online video/s which you formerly were able to see with CC subtitles.

Than you in advance

Claude Almansi


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