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My account has disappeared

My account has disappeared, meaning it said: there is no account associated with my email address. What can I do??

(I refer to the account I have made using my email address, I need him)

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Thank you for referring this issue, Adina.

When you created an Amara account, did you use the normal sign up or did you click on the Gmail button?

If you used the normal sign up, even if you did input a Gmail address then, your account is primarily associated the user name you chose, and not with your Gmail address, which is only there for notifications, or if you forget your password etc.
So when you try to log in, you must input your user name in the normal sign in form, and not use the Gmail button.
If you can't remember your user name, can you remember a video for which you made subtitles? Your Amara ID will be linked in the page of the subtitles you made, and there you will find your user name
If you used the Gmail button to sign up, please use to create a ticket that will go to Amara's tech staff. They will be able to help you. In the ticket, please refer to this forum discussion,


Claude Almansi


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