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Some segments missing

I translated a video into English and I made sure all the segments are written; they even appear in the transcript. The problem is that when playing the video three segments just don't appear: 00:08:44, 00:10:98 and 04:52:02.

I have checked the subtitle editor several times but I don't see any reasons that is happening.

I forgot to add the URL of the video just in case:


Thank you for your question, Maider.

I wanted to check with a better connection than I had when you posted it, because the video streams from YouTube while the subtitles stream from the Amara server, and that can cause irregularities.

So: when I launch the videos from the times you mention via the transcript that can be activated by clicking the page-like icon at the bottom of the player of, the corresponding subtitles do appear in the video too, though maybe with a minimal lag. But I can't be sure because I don't understand Basque at all.

I see you are a member of the TED team: have you perhaps had occasion to collaborate with Basque-speaking members on some videos? If yes, you could contact them via Amara messaging from their profile, asking them to check your subtitles?

Sorry I cannot be of more help.



Thank you very much for your ideas Claude!
I realised there was a problem with the time codes, but now it works properly. Some of the first segments are still missing and I will check that with other TED Translators, but it is not a huge problem.


My pleasure, Maider.

Will you also make English subtitles for this video? Even without understanding it,, the acting is compelling.
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