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Can a fan do the subtitles for a youtuber?

Hi , i'm a YouTube lover , and now YouTube has activated Restricted mode , and some videos are censored because when The youtuber speak , a "robot" tries to figure out what he says , and sometimes The traduction is wrong ( ex. The youtuber says "fan" or "fast" and The robot understand "f*CK" ) so The video is automatically blocked in restriced mode , so i would like to "translate" The videos for a youtuber , and after he upload it with my subtitles , can i do it here? Help me please. THX.. Write me on :

Thank you so much for this info, Xur. Your email address suggests that you understand Italian.  In a Youtube video,  when a woman says  "birra Corona", the automatic caption reads "vaffanculo".

So the folks in charge of the thesaurus that produces the autocaptions seems to enjoy "bad language internationally. But I didn't know about the restricting consequence you mention. This should be taken up with YouTube. 

Back to your question : the uploader of a Youtube video can indeed authorize viewers to caption it using the Youtube caption editor: I'll add the link to the tutorial when I am back at my computer (I'm writing this on my cell).


Claude Almansi 

And here is the link to the series of  tutorials about YouTube Community Contributions:


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