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Using Amara embed code in d2l

Hi all,

I'm trying to embed a video subtitled in Amara into the LMS (Learning Management System) D2L or Desire to Learn. I do not have access to add javascript. I can only add html. Is there a solution for me?


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Hi Julie,

Unfortunately, the Amara embed requires javascript. However you could just link to the Amara page instead of embedding the subtitled video, but that might be clumsy if students have to follow instructions in the D2L page. Alternative: publish videos and subtitles on the Internet Archive, which has an embed that does not require javascript:
  • create an Internet Archive account if you don't have one and sign in
  • upload your video file; this creates a page that's actually a folder/directory where you can add other resources
  • download your Amara-made subtitle/s as SRT files, giving them the same main name as your video file
  • go to the Internet Archive page with your video
  • use the Manage link to add your subtitle file/s

The subtitles can be chosen/deactivated via the CC button right of the progress bar in the player, and you can get the embed code by clicking the "Share this item" button (with a rectangle and an arrow aimed top right) under the

But before you do all that, you might wish to have a go at embedding an existing subtitled video to make sure it works: then you can just edit the page and delete the embed. So if you wish, you could try with, which has three sets of CC subtitles (French, English and Portuguese).


Claude Almansi

PS Of course, you could do the same thing with other video platforms that support CC subtitles and have non-javascript embeds: YouTube or vimeo for instance.However the advantage of the Internet Archive for educational purposes is that it is non commercial, doesn't show ads, and offers you a wide choice of licenses when you create a page.

However if you also need the possibility to activate an interactive transcript derived from the subtitles, as in Amara, then YouTube would be a better choice: the Internet Archive does not offer that.


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