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Can't Edit My Captions

Hi - OK last time I was active here was a few years ago.

The basic issue is this: If I save a draft of my subtitles, then close the browser or turn off the computer and come back later, and then click "edit subtitles," nothing happens.

Well not *nothing* but it says something like "opening subtitle editor" and then nothing more happens.

I worked for hours on a movie the other night - I want to finish it but I can't.

Help? Thanks for any replies.

 Thank you for reporting this, Buzbee. On Saturday - if that's what you mean by " the other night" - there was indeed a technical issue with Amara's server. Could you try again, please, with the same computer and browser? That's because if saving a draft did not work, what you've written so far might still be in your browser cache: so when you'll try to open the editor, you'll get a message saying something like "You have unsaved work. Do you want to reload it?"

And if this still does not work, could you please give the link to the subtitle set you were working on? But only after trying the former things, because the browser cache recovery will not work if someone else opens the subtitles before you do.



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Thank you for the quick reply.

A side issue: The forums are no longer accessible from the dashboard? Granted I've been 'away' a while, but I have to click 'contact' then forums, to get here. I don't see a way to sort by newest topic either, once at the forums?

I kept this window open for that reason, because it would be difficult to find this topic again.

I opened a second window, went to Amara, my name, my videos in the drop down menu under my name; then clicked 'videos.'

I got a 503 error. (Please see attached image.)

I seem to be having bad luck so far. Lol 

I would like to complete the movie (Of Human Bondage by the way, in the Tv and movie request links. I hope no one else finishes it for me, because I'd like to.) 

There were also a couple of the shorter videos, which still say "incomplete" because I clicked done before they had played to the end ("done" after the last subtitle went past.) I guess I need to redo the sync on those? Not sure...

Also another question while I'm at it, if you would. :) 

I do not have a You Tube account. Will my videos show up so that anyone else can see them? I don't know how to find a list of available or finished videos here at Amara any more.

Thanks for any help.

Hi again :)

Well I was curious so I tried closing this window, just in case having two windows open for Amara might somehow open up a 'bug.'

With only one window open (same browser as before), I tried again. This time I was able to access my videos, and then I clicked the 'activity' tab and then 'edit subtitles.'

Please see attached image. This is the same error message I got the other night.

I thought maybe adblocker might be interfering so the other night I did disable it but nothing changed. Same result.

Thanks for any help.

Hi again, Buzbee,

Thank you for the further information and questions. About:

  • "The forums are no longer accessible from the dashboard?" If you mean I almost never use that so I can't remember a specific link to the forums there. However, in the gray footer (as in all pages), there is a Help link that takes you to the "Solutions" (=tutorials section of support. Once there, you can use the "Forums" tab.
    Topics are sort of listed by chronological order for each forum board, but there are some "sticky" topics that stay on top. There is also a search engine that works passably.
  • 503 error when opening your "Videos" page: Sorry, it does not happen to me (see below about creating a ticket).
  • "I hope no one else finishes it for me, because I'd like to": you could make a pseudo first subtitle saying "please let me do these subtitles on my own", and then remove it when you've finished. Less elegant than using the public comments or the notes within the editor, but more efficient.
  • Shorter incomplete videos: you can just carry on from where you stopped: so if you had already started syncing, just carry on syncing
  • "I do not have a You Tube account. Will my videos show up so that anyone else can see them?": if by "my videos", you mean the Amara video pages you created: yes - and they should be listed in your Videos page that unfortunately is giving you the 503 message presently. 
  • "list of available or finished videos here at Amara": they are listed in, which is linked to on the magnifying lens icon at the top. It has s search engine and a filter.
  • Blank page for the editor: sorry, again, I don't get that blank page.

So I'd suggest you create a ticket for the 2 points where I answered "sorry", using the form in It will go to Amara tech staff who will be able to help you. Please fill all relevant fields, and maybe be a bit more precise about OS and browser version in the body of the ticket. Give it a descriptive title, something like "Cannot access my Videos page nor the subtitle editor".




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Hem, I just got a "503 Service Unavailable" message when I tried to open the French subtitles of your videos, though I did get the subtitle page when I refreshed.

But this might mean that the server is a bit overloaded presently: so maybe try again later?


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I'll try your advice. Thank you for the help. 

I added 2 more videos...

Hopefully I can finish the movie soon.

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