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Please can anyone provide english-subtitles to the serial geet hui sabse parayi? thanks

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Thank you for your request, Angelina.

There was a  geet hui sabse parayi arabic subtitle post by Dalia Elshazly a year ago. Back then I replied:

"Thank you for your post, Dalia. However, this forum is for helping people who are making subtitles, and not really an  place for subtitling requests. So you would have better chances if you first checked which of these videos already have an Amara page, created Amara pages for other videos that are online but don't yet have an Amara page ,then use your social media networks to request people to use all these Amara pages to subtitle the videos in Arabic."

I thought the same reply would do for your request of English subtitles, but I now searched Amara for geet hui sabse parayi: 147 results, some with Romanian subtitles... However in all the ones I opened, the video was not working because the original YouTube one had been deleted / made unavailable.

This suggests a copyright issue with publishing these videos on YouTube. So your best bet would be to try to buy legitimate subtitle versions of this series.




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