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User name for Amara on Demand


I'm in the process of joining Amara  On Demand team, and the instructions say I need to change my user name specifically for work for this team. Can it be just any user name or only user name in format 4 letters of last name_3 letters of first name? I emailed Allison with the question but she tends to reply within a few days and I would like to join the team as soon as possible. Also, I changed my password and email for the account, and now when I try to sign in to the forum I get an error message "the email and password you entered do not match". I could only sign in with Google to do this post. How can I fix it? Thank you in advance for answers.

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Hi Irina,

Sorry: I don't know if there are special requirements for usernames to be used in the On Demand team, my guess would be that there aren't, based on some tickets concerning On Demand I've seen. But it's better if you wait for Allison's answer.

Changing your password and email for the Amara platform does not change them for this support forum: the user IDs are different. Do you remember the password and email you used here before you made the change for the Amara platform? If you do, you could sign in with them, and then change them here too via .




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