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Can not login


when finishing my work in Amara, Amara was shut down.

I can not log in again with my Google Account.

I have tried to restart my computer, bur it didn't help.

Thank you for your post, Katarina. Please create a ticket about this issue (via and indicate in it:

  •  the operating system of your computer
  • the browser you are using
  • your Amara username
  • the address (URL) of the subtitles you were working on.
If the it was paid on demand work, please write OnDemand in the subject line of the topic.

It will go to Amara's tech staff who will be able to help you.


Claude Almansi

It is OK now. Just logged off from Google and then logged in again. Sorry to have disturbed you.

Thank you for the explanation! It will be useful to others who may have the same problem. Happy subtitling! Claude
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