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Subtitles on my youtube channel

He, I want to upload subtitled videos on my youtube channel , is that possible?

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Thank you for your question, Elsa. cannot upload "subtitled videos" to your YouTube channel.  However, you connect your YouTube channel with Amara: as explained in, this will result in:

1. All the public and unlisted (but not private!) videos from your channel will be automatically imported to Amara.
2. All subtitles (except ASR - created by the Google automatic speech recognition software) from your videos will be imported to Amara.
[well, normally: presently this importation is not working]
3. The imported videos will receive an addition to their description:
    "Help us caption & translate this video!"
4. In the future, new videos uploaded to the channel will be automatically submitted to Amara within 24 hours from uploading (except for private videos, which will be skipped).
5. The subtitles for these videos created on Amara will be automatically copied to YouTube, once completed.


Nevertheless, please carefully consider the implications before doing this connection: once an Amara video page is created from an unlisted YouTube video, the Amara page can be indexed by search engines, which you might not wish if you published the video as unlisted on YouTube.

Therefore if you don't want that, don't do this connection: just manually create Amara video pages - via the Subtitle Video page - for the public videos of your YouTube channel. Then once you have subtitled them, download the subtitles from their Amara subpage to your computer and add them to the original YouTube videos, as explained under "Upload a file" in YouTube,'s Add Subtitles and Closed Captions tutorial. This method does take a few minutes, but these few minutes are just a minute fraction of the time needed to create subtitles or captions anyway.

I hope this helps a bit.

Happy subtitling,

Claude Almansi


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