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How do I move the subtitles to the top of the screen?

The subtitles are blocking the on screen text so I need to move them up.  Can we do this in Amara? 

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Thank you for your interesting question, Christina.

In Amara, you cannot change the position of subtitles, because the Amara player positions them at the bottom.

However, if you want to use Amara-made subtitles on another site or platform that allows positioning, you could download them as WebVTT, TTML or DFXP files, where a positioning indication can be added, and then reupload them to that site or platform. For instance, according to YouTube's Supported subtitle and closed caption files tutorial, YouTube supports positioning if included in one of these files.

Back to Amara: one possible workaround would be to switch off captions in the player, and activate the transcript, with "Autoscroll on": the relevant parts of the transcript will appear on a gray background as the corresponding audio is heard. Not as good as real positioned subtitles, granted, but at least the text will not interfere with the image.

I hope this helps,


Claude Almansi

Update: Information on subtitle styling in DFXP format can be found at An example is available at (from Margarita Shamraeava's answer to a ticket with a similar question - thank you, Margarita)


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