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Video won't play for other people when I send them the link

Hi guys. I'm totally new to this, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm guessing it's because one has to be signed up to watch, but is there anything I can do about it? I thought about sending the video with my subtitles to the channel that made the video, to ask if they'd like to use it, or if they mind me using it. I did it to get some subtitling experience and start to build a portfolio. Is there some way I can show this video to people over the internet?

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your question, which is not stupid at all, but could be very helpful for others who are wondering the same.

Yes, your guess is right: if people need to sign up to the original hosting platform to view the video, then they'll have to first sign in there before they can view your subtitled version on Amara: Amara does not host videos, it only streams them from the original platform. So for your intended purpose of offering you subtitles to the authors, Amara might not be the best solution, as you presumably had to reupload the video as private or password-protected first. And some copyright holders might object to this second copy, even with these protections.

So in a similar situation, when I wanted to offer French and English subtitles for the  Namaste - Le voyage d'Alexandre Jollien - Terre des hommes YouTube video, where there might or might not have been copyright issues, I used instead of Amara, because  Dotsub hosts videos and lets you keep them and their subtitles private, i.e. viewable only by people you authorize.

Now as to creating a portfolio, Amara is great for that, but you'll have to choose videos that are already viewable by all - on YouTube, public or  unlisted videos will be publicly viewable when streamed to Amara, but better go for public ones, as some people might object to have their unlisted videos showing on Amara where they can be indexed by search engines.





Hi, thanks for the reply. However, I think that the video was public - that's how I found it in the first place. In fact, now I remember, I did actually manage to send the link to someone, but then a few weeks later I tried sending it to someone else - two other people, and neither of them could open it. It's this one: 

Hi Katie, I was able to open your link. But due to the Facebook redirect, I first got a Facebook warning that it would take me outside of the Facebook cloister. I chose to do so, but maybe your friends got intimidated? Tell them following the link is OK, and if they're still worried, send them the straight Amara URL via email, maybe. Best, Claude
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