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How can I check for the total subtitle length?

Is there a way to get the total subtitle time in a video?

Thank you for your question, Yilmaz Kasap.

I am not sure I understand it correctly, but if what you want to get is "only the time of the video where there are subtitles", I don't know how to do this. However,  when subtitling is paid per minute, it means "per minute of the video", not "per minute of what needs to be subtitled". So what is your purpose?


Claude Almansi


Thank you for your reply, that answers my question.

There is a section called "subtitle length" on payment screen, so that was what puzzled me. I thought payment was made on that. 

Nevertheless, check with the customer: some pay per word. If that's the case, download the subtitles as TXT, and then open them with a word processor (LibreOffice Writer or MS Word, for instance). Alternatively, you can also copy-paste the .txt file into




You can use this Word Counter tool, this Character count calculator count number of characters, Words, Sentences & Paragraphs in your text.

Thanks a lot, for this wonderful information. I was searching online for 24 hour answers review when I landed here. I will be sharing this post with my friends too as I believe it would be helpful for them too.

Actually, Amara's subtitling tool does indicate the number of characters per subtitle line, and the speed.

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