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Some questions and suggestions

1.Well,recently I just began learning Stanford online course Programming Methodology.The official YouTube page is

It has even no English subtitles.I want to add English subtitles for those English as a foreign language learners since it's a bit difficult to catch up with the professor's talk,and try my best to translate it into Chinese because I'm Chinese(Stanford official website has the transcripts).Stanford's description said "Help us caption and translate this video on"But if I want to visit the page I'm informed that "We're sorry - you don't have access to that page."

What I found on Amara is

but it's linked to a video only with 100+ views(The official video has 1 million views)

The following courses ( seem to have the right link.But I'm not accessible to the Lecture 2 for the same reason 

There must be something wrong.I hope that you can help to correct the right YouTube link and I wonder why I don't have access.

2.About Amara Chinese website.

As a Chinese,I feel a bit uncomfortable to see Amara website in Chinese language.It feels like the translation is completed by machines and sometimes hard to understand,especially when I'm visiting my TED team page.If possible I'm glad to volunteer to translate the webpage:D

And sometimes my page is English version sometime Chinese version.But I can't find the settings to set the webpage language.

3.About Support Center

When I want to post in support center,I can't login using my TED account.And if I sign up using email,I haven't input password before the registration is finished.Still I can't login:(Then I have to login with Facebook.Hope that you can fix it.

Well,that's what I want to say.As for the subtitle tool maybe I'll post a new topic.

Thank you for your questions and suggestions, Hael Chan.

About the first: seems identical to the video that is presently streaming in This means that Stanford staff will be able to reuse the subtitles made with Amara in ttps://
Nevertheless, you are right: shouldn't send people to a page that says "We're sorry - you don't have access to that page." But only people who posted the YouTube video can change that in the YouTube description: please contact them.

About the second: thanks for volunteering to improve the Chinese translation of the Amara site: you can do so at (Universal Subtitles was the former name of Amara: hence the URL) clicking on the "Help Translate Amara" button. Transifex is fairly simple to use and has a good support documentation, but if you have questions, you can ask here too.

About the third:you did log in to this support forum - the problem was that the publication of your post was delayed by the support platform (freshdesk) that put it in the "awaiting moderation" folder, and I only saw it and approved it now. Sorry about this.

Best, Claude


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Thanks Claude Almansi:D

I'll try my best to make subtitles and help Amara~

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