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Removing subtitles in the wrong language.

My concern is that someone had uploaded Turkish subtitles under the Kurdish language label by mistake. It wasn't my translation, though I have downloaded these subtitles and uploaded them again, this time as Turkish subtitles. So the other user's translation would still be there, just under the right language now.

All that's left to do is to remove the Kurdish subtitle label from this video. Note that I had checked the revisions and they have always been in Turkish.

Please consider helping me with this.

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 Hi Jesse

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Actually, there were Turkish subtitles in ALL language tracks, except English, Hebrew and Spanish. So it looks like a group made a Turkish translation exercise in this video.

Normally, subtitles can only be deleted at their author's request. However, in this case, I eventually opted for a compromise: instead of completely deleting the thusly used subtitle tracks, I replaced them by a place holding first subtitle saying:

"Turkish subtitles that were mistakenly done in this ... language track have been deleted. But they can still be downloaded from its former revisions". This way, their authors can still access them.

I hope this suits you?

Claude Almansi


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