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I can't get into editor properly

I'm on the on demand team.  When I take a job and go into it there is an extreme lag and then it gets stuck and never goes to editor.  I can see some of the old texts on the left but never see the actual video or editor.  It really will not let me do anything. 

Please help I want to help with projects but I don't know what to do.

Thank you for reporting this issue, Trish.

I see you also already created a "Can't get into video (#85083)" ticket that seems to be about the same issue. This is a good idea: forum posts can be seen by all, so people also encountering this lag will know they are not alone - and as this is a tech issue the ticket will go to the tech staff who are best able to address it.

However, could you give some more info in a reply to your ticket, please? OS of your computer, browser used, and what Amara page the issue occurs on?

Thank you in advance


Claude Almansi

Hi Trish,

The PDF of the issue you shared looks like you may have something on your computer blocking the JavaScript.

To make the editor work, you need to find and disable or uninstall the program that blocks it. 

This might be a bit tricky and take some time and effort. We recommend the following road map for troubleshooting this issue:

Why do I keep seeing "Loading subtitle editor..." message instead of the editor?


Amara Support Team

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