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Slow Editor or An optional Solution to translate 3 hour long video?

Hello friends,

I wrote here before regarding the slow Amara Editor responds while translating a 3 hr long video.

I thought a possible solution could be to divide the video into 3 fragments and translate them separately. Once all pieces are translated - to add them up into one.

Is that technically possible...? 

with love,


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Thank you for this interesting idea. Orkedem.

It would be technically feasible, but you would need another tool to stagger the subtitles made with Amara on your intermediary second and third videos, as they would also start at 0:00. You could do that using the advanced import feature of Subtitle Horse, for instance, where you can define an offset value, and where you can export the newly timed subtitles as SBV, i.e. a format that only have time-codes, no ordering number.

However, please consider that a 3-hour long video will also cause viewing problems for users who do not have a very good connection. So maybe you could offer the video in 3 parts, with links in the descriptions of each to the other two?




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