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Impossible to add a second url


Yesterday I've finished to translate the french subtitles for this video:

Since this video-making guy upload his videos on both platform youtube and vimeo, I've also add the vimeo version to amara, here:

I wasn't aware that it was possible to add a second url to the amara page of the video. Now I try to add the vimeo url ( to the first page but it doesn't work. The "Add another URL for this video" only display "Saving... " but never close. And in the end the second url isn't add.

So I would like to know why it doesn't works.

And there is this second amara page ( that I've firstly created with the vimeo url, that I would like to be erase, since it'll be useless once both url will be link together.


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Thank you for reporting this, Bdcht.

In fact, when a video has been used to create an Amara page, it cannot be added as second URL to another Amara page. If you had created the 2nd - - page, you could request its deletion in a ticket, as explained in Removing subtitles or videos, then add the vimeo URL to

However, that second page was created by Fabián Muro, not by you. So only he could request its deletion, and then as you've uploaded your French subtitles there, Amara staff who deal with video deletion requests would probably refuse that too. So there is no way to have only one Amara page for both videos.

In order to avoid duplicate translations, I have added a description in, which says:

"There is another Amara page created from another copy of this same video, where there are already several translations, and original English subtitles:

So check that other page before you start making new translations, and maybe make them there rather than here."

Hopefully people will do so.



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