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Synced subtitles out of order

I have several videos that I have subtitles and synced, only to find that the subtitles run out of order.  When I look at the time transcripts of these videos, they correctly list the timing of each ordered subtitle.  However, when I play the actual video with closed captioning back the subtitles run out of order with the caption either from the middle or end of the video running for at least the first 20 to 30 seconds of the video.  Please help me fix this.


Beginning text is supposed to say Identifying Purpose and Tone; I have tried to clear timing and reorder timing only to end up with this same result.

Thank you for reporting this issue, Latisha.

Unfortunately, your example is of a private video page in a private team. This means that I cannot do any troubleshooting on it. But as you also created a ticket about this issue, Amara's tech staff will be able to look into it and give you an answer.


Claude Almansi


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Does anyone here have any real helpful experience with this?  Is there a way to go back to step 1 and redo the situation so they are recorded correctly? 

Well, a few blind hints as I cannot see the video page:

Whatever you do, first download your present synced subtitles as a backup.

A. You could
  • move to the legacy editor (see 19. in the screenshot shown in The Anatomy of the subtitling editor). Once you are there:
  • go to Step 2: Syncing
  • click on Restart this step
  • save and exit.

Your subtitles should now be "unsynced" and you should be able to sync them again.

B. You could also

  • download your present subtitles as TXT (plain transcript)
  • reupload the TXT file over the present subtitles using the link on "Already have subtitles for this video? Upload them directly." in the main page.

This too should produce "unsynced" subtitles you can sync again.

My turn to ask ;)

Have you contacted an owner / admin of your team about the issue? You can find their Amara profiles via the filter of the Members page, and from their profile, send them an Amara message.




Hi Good Morning,

I have been in contact with our team admin, as well as I have submitted an actual ticket related to this particular issue.  I will be trying the tips today to see if it will successfully sync.



Legacy Editor does not seem to be working for me.  The second suggestion has worked once, but I have been unable to duplicate the results... Another question is that on Friday the player itself seemed to look different and played captions as well as had a caption box... Odd but they seem to work with the small box...  Anyway the player is back to just captions and no small box and not working at all.,AAAAE2sH_-k~,vce9mL8StXqhJNr4mHjv4_i4AmkmrW9B&bctid=4367339791001

One example of inaccurate captions... On Friday there was a different player with the transparent captions as well as a black box with captions... The black box with captions correctly shows the captions while the native Amara captions show the captions incorrectly and out of order.

 Hi Latisha,

Sorry you are continuing to have these issues. I have added a note to your ticket #80444. I hope you soon will get a reply there.



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