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How can one submit a video for captioning request?

Hello! I am a teacher who is hard of hearing and who believes in captioning all videos I use in class anyway as a part of a best practice (related to the principles of Universal Design for Learning). 

I would love to be able to submit requests for captioning to this wonderful community, but I am not sure how! 

Thank you in advance. 

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Congratulations, Eric: it would be great if all teachers understood the need - and advantages for all students - of captioning the videos they use in class.

Could you create an Amara account, then join the Captions Requested team? There are lots of other Amara teams, of course, but Captions Requested was created precisely to answer requests like yours:  any member can add videos they want captioned, and usually some other members will do so. It's not 100 % but it works pretty well, on the whole.

Also, once you have created an Amara page for the video - whether you add it to CR or not - you could invite people in your social networks to caption it. If the video is yours, you could add a link to the Amara page in its description.


Claude Almansi


Very cool. Thank you! 

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