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How to make subtitles visible on mobile devices, embed videos in responsive size?

How to make subtitles visible on mobile devices?

subtitles are not showing up when using mobile devices

also how to embed videos in responsive way so that it can be viewed on mobile devices?

Please help me!

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Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. Could you please create a ticket with your questions, also indicating which mobile device (OS and browser)? Tickets are answered by Amara's tech staff.




This is an extremely important feature and it's disappointing to see Amara still struggling to work responsively in 2015. 

I've added a ticket on GitHub here:

Thank you for the github ticket, Jeremy: I see tech staff is responding to it.




Any information about this issue?


Thank you for asking both in ticket #85672 and publicly here  on the forum too, Mat.

This enables me to quote tech staff's reply to your ticket here: "We are also currently working on making the Amara Editor responsive and hope to have that upgrade coming soon."

Also, thanks a lot for the link to "" you shared in the ticket: it is indeed a greatly accessible player, with the possibility to switch on and off not only subtitles, but the audio description too. Yet from the relevant source code part:

<div id="playerDiv">
<video id="video1" data-able-player preload="auto" width="640" height="360" data-fallback-path="thirdparty/" data-speed-icons="animals" poster="/doit/videos/posters/college.jpg">
<source type="video/mp4" src="/doit/videos/MP4/college.mp4" data-desc-src="/doit/videos/MP4_DVS/college.mp4"/>
<source type="video/ogg" src="/doit/videos/OGG/college.ogv" data-desc-src="/doit/videos/OGG_DVS/college.ogv"/>
<track kind="captions" src="/doit/videos/captions/college_en.vtt" srclang="en" label="English"/>
<track kind="descriptions" src="/doit/videos/descriptions/college_en.vtt" srclang="en" label="English"/>
</div><!-- end #playerDiv-->

it seems to be their own player, where the captions and descriptions tracks may have been made with Amara initially, but have been reuploaded to their site in order to play in the player.


Claude Almansi


Any solutions for subtiles disappered on mobile devices? Thank you



Thank you for your query, Spencer.

Not sure I understand you correctly, though: do you mean Amara subtitles that can be viewed on a computer but not on a mobile device? If yes, please indicate which mobile device: maybe other users or I can help you.

If you mean something else, can you please reword?

Thank you in advance


Thank you for your quick reply, Claude. Yes. I found thati the amara subtitles in my video work normally on my computer, but can not show on my mobile device. (After click play, the video becomes full screen and the subtitles disappear) My mobile device is iPhone 6 Plus ( IOS 12.2) Thank you Regards Spencer

Thank you for this further info, Spencer. I don't have an iPhone, but on my mother's iPad 12.2.6 and using Safari, the subtitles remain visible. Hopefully someone with an iPhone will answer you. Should it not be so, say, within a week, then maybe you might create a ticket that will go to Amara's tech staff.



Thank you for your detail reply. 

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