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We're sorry - the page you are trying to access does not exist.


I've been trying to translate some Khan Academy videos into Occitan but when I click whichever link in => 

We're sorry - the page you are trying to access does not exist.

If you need help please see our support center.

Otherwise, get back to

Any idea what's happening please?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Yannig

I don't understand how the site with the page is or works, sorry. There is a Login link top right of that page - so maybe it's a private project for translating Khan videos on Amara? How did you get there?

Anyway, if you do not have to go via that site, you will find lots of videos whose subtitles you can freely translate into Catalan in Khan Academy's public Amara team.




Hi, Yannig,

I asked Margarita Shamraeva of Amara Support about the URLs that don't work in the links of , and she explained:

"Links on that page resolve to an incorrect URL. For example, a click on "Converting decimals to fractions example 2" open, which results in error 404 Not Found. The correct URL would be


The problem can be easily solved by manually replacing in the address bar of the browser "/en/oc/" with simply "/en/".


Hope this helps."

I hope so too.

Happy subtitling



Thank you so much, it does work now :-)


I've just had this message too, but I don't understand why it appeared when I used a link coming from an Amara job request. 

E-mail's link wasn't able to open the list of tasks from a team on demand.

Maybe it's because I try to open it from elsewhere: I was not logged in, since I wanted to be able to log in from my cell or a Win PC (I have a Mac mini at home). What was wrong?

Now, logged in at home: The same link, same works...But it's too late for available tasks:

First day, I thought I needed to accept on demand team invitation before...but same message when trying to do so.

First day second try, I logged in at home, I was accepted but 0 tasks (ok I was late) left.

Second day, I received another e-mail telling me there was a QA/approval unassigned left

Since I wasn't home...same problem...Until this morning, when I check: 0 tasks left, even opening filter to all languages...Since deadline approaches I guess all tasks are done.

At this right moment I can use Amara on line subtitling: I'm upon a new public URL found on my own in order to make a test... What did I do wrong with job request invitation? 

Do I need to have a You Tube account? 

or being constantly logged in? 

Maybe Mac mini and iphone 4 are to be changed?

I was able to participate with a team this week (QA text translation rush job batch), but it seems I'm not able to fix a video job request reception problem, can you help me?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Susana,

 Thank you for your question.

Yes, you must first log in to Amara with the ID you used to apply to the "on demand translation" team for which you got the email task notification, because it's a private team. However, you can also log in from any web-able device, and once logged in,  accept tasks.

As to completing a task: translating can be done from any web-able device too, even a smart cell; but for quality assessment, you'll need a real computer: PC or Mac.

I hope this helps a bit: if you need further info, please contact an owner or admin of the relevant team.

Happy subtitling


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