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Video will not load

After I add the URL to the Subtitle a Video, and click begin, I just get a black screen with a loading icon and the video never loads. What can I do to fix this...


Do you mean creating  an Amara subtitling page for a video from the "Subtitle Video" tab, i.e.

If yes, does it happen with every URL you try to add in the subtitling box or just with a specific one?

If just with a specific URL, could you please indicate it here?
Maybe also helpful: what is the operating system of your device, and what browser are you using?

Thank you in advance for your answers: they'll help understand what is happening.


Claude Almansi
Same problem her. Video does not load. Youtube videos load normally.


Thank you for your question, Palmi.  YouTube videos load normally, because YouTube (and Vimeo) URLs for a video page can be read by the Amara software. In other cases,  you must input the URL of the video file (.mp4 for instance), not of the page where the video is embedded, as in the example you give.

And the problem is that the player where the actual video file is embedded is designed to prevent people from getting at the URL of the video file.

Sorry about that.



Thanks for this swift reply!
Best regards,
Pálmi Jóhannesson


My pleasure, Palmi - my quick reply was just due to a coincidence: I got an email alert that your post was blocked by the anti-spam software of the support platform, and so immediately unblocked it and replied. Anti-spam softwares do have some usefulness, but they also create false positives, as in your case.




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