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Can Amara subtitle system be used in Udemy online course platform?

We are currently working on building up an online course platform in Udemy. It is a big online learning website where people can upload videos and materials for their courses. We made our own videos but would like to provide subtitles of as many languages as possible. We know that TEDx works with Amara to provide high-quality subtitles. Is there any possibility we can have Amara's function work in Udemy? Or some other alternative solutions?

Thank you very much!

Hi, Qin Qin

You should ask Udemy whether their player supports Closed Caption (CC) subtitles, i.e. a time-coded text file that gets synchronized with the video by the player to produce the subtitles seen on it. If the Udemy player does, then you could make the subtitles on Amara, download them and add them to the Udemy-hosted video.

Other question for Udemy support: can the Amara embed code be used in the "other materials" part of Udemy courses? If yes, then you could simply embed the subtitled Amara video there.

However, there seems to be a further problem: in order to create a subtitling page on  from a video in the normal, basic way, the video must be freely viewable online. And from what I saw of even a "free" Udemy course, the videos there are not: you need to be logged in to view them. Hence you cannot create an Amara subtitling page from their Udemy URL in this normal, basic way.

Nevertheless, this obstacle might perhaps be overcome if you choose an Amara Enterprise, paying, solution. But I don't know much about the enterprise services: you should contact them.

Sorry I can't help you better,



Qin Qin,

Thank you for your interest in subtitling with

Please feel very welcome to fill out the form at Our staff will reach out to you and explain in detail what options are available for organizing and coordinating crowdsourced subtitling and how they can help you reach your goals.


Margarita Shamraeva

Thank you, Margarita - I wasn't sure what happened when one filled the form.


Thank you Claude and Margarita!

Yes I have filled out the form. 

Udemy is closed environment so no, these videos are not public. However Udemy does support Closed Caption (I'm not sure how exactly this works, please educate me on this:)), so maybe we can figure out some solutions with help from Amara.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hi Qin Qin

Yikes! I just found a question about closed captions in Udemy's support:

Edmund Lee — Aug 24, 2014 09:42PM PDT
How do I add closed captions to videos?


Che Harvey Udemy Agent Aug 27, 2014 01:07PM PDT
Hey Edmund,
Thanks for reaching out! At the moment, close captioning is being transcribed within Udemy. It’s a new feature that we’ve added to the site, and currently we are selecting only a handful of courses to try it out on. If all goes well, we will begin rolling the feature out to all instructors.

That rules out making your own subtitles on Amara and then reusing them in Udemy. And it doesn't sound too promising anyway. In fact, back on July 17, 2014, Udemy people were claiming that they were "adding captions to around 100 courses per month"  But if you now apply the "Closed Caption Available" search result filtering they described there, by first selecting a category, the result confirms Che Harvey's "we are selecting only a handful of courses to try it out on" at the end of August: presently, there are only 20 closed captioned courses on their platform, for all categories (1).

So pardon my bluntness, please, but do you really need to keep your course's videos private? if not, there are other video hosting platforms where you could publish them publicly, and then subtitle them normally with Amara. And then you could upload them again, uncaptioned, in Udemy, but link to the captioned Amara version in the description

(1) I.e. for each category:

3 CCed courses for Development
1 CCed courses for Business
1 CCed courses for IT & Software
2 CCed courses for Office Productivity
4 CCed courses for Personal Development
3 CCed courses for Design
0 CCed courses for Marketing
1 CCed courses for Lifestyle
2 CCed courses for Photography
1 CCed courses for Health & Fitness
1 CCed courses for Teacher Training
0 CCed courses for Music
1 CCed courses for Academics
0 CCed courses for Language
0 CCed courses for Test Prep


Hello Claude!

Thank you so much for the post! This is really helpful!

So yes we have to keep our course private. The response from Udemy indicated that they do support Closed Captions. We haven't tried it out in our course yet, but we will talk with Amara support later seeking out possibilities in Amara entrepreneur. 

So from the response above we really need to make sure Udemy supports Closed Captions right? I will get in touch with them again to confirm that.



 Hi Qin Qin 

Closed captions are supported by Udemy. But from Che Harvey's "close captioning is being transcribed within Udemy", it seems that they want to control it entirely.

However yes, do get in touch with them, please - and it would be great if you refered their reply here too, because other Udemy users might share your wish to make captions themselves.




Have you tried Allavsoft which has both Mac and Windows version? I use it to batch download video from udemy and lynda with this guide from


everythinggoingwell: this topic is about subtitling Udemy videos with Amara, not about downloading Udemy and Lynda videos. Nevertheless, as some people might also be interested in that, I've published your comment. However, the usual caution should be exercised in deciding whether to install an external application on computers. Beware also of copyright laws before using it.


Claude Almansi


Hi Qin Qin & Claude Almansi

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