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Your application is pending

 I got the amara confirmation email 2 days ago and it said that from then on it was ready to subtitling but it still says that my application is pending and i can't do anything.

Hi Irene,

Sorry, but looking into application issues is beyond what I can do: you should either ask an owner or admin of the team you applied to, or create a ticket, mentioning which team it is: tickets go to the tech staff, and they can help you too.




It is one big nonsense thing really. If you create a ticket, the next day it has disappeared without being answered. You can send emails but you never ever get a response. Help pages are not being updated at all. "Paid jobs" are offered all the time but when you apply, you never hear one word again from anyone. Who is this Stevie anyway, a fictitious barbie doll perhaps? I have given up on Amara I think it is one pile of BS altogether. Good luck with it.


Could you indicate the number of your ticket that disappared, please? I'll check with the support staff - this is the first time such a disappearance has been reported, to my knowledge?
If by Help pages, you mean resources in the Solutions section, the support staff does update them regulary when needed, but of course, being human, they might miss one. If you see a Solutions resource that needs updating, please mention it here.
As to the paid subtitling jobs, I'm not competent to answer. However, you'll find more info about Stevie Varin - and the rest of the staff - in the About page of the PCF foundation site: not a Barbie doll.

Please do create a ticket, as I suggested before. Mariette may have had an unfortunate experience, but overall, the 5769 tickets that have been submitted so far do get an answer within a few days.


Thanks to all of you, they already sent me another email saying I could start subtitling. It took its time!


I've been waiting for a respond from the Translation Team since 13th of August 2017, and I've yet to hear anything about my application. I was informed to get in touch soon to arrange the next step in the process.

I created a ticket with Ticket ID #102317.

Thank you for reporting this, Hadeer. Creating a ticket was the right thing to do. 

When did you create it, though? From the number you mention, it should have been relatively recently. Usually tech staff reply to tickets within a week.

Don't hesitate to re-reply here if you don't get an answer from them.



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