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Subtitles don't upload to youtube but they are completed on AMARA



we fineshed the translation of the vídeo in Portuguese


But the video doesn't upload the subtitles in any of the available languages.


Can someone explain why this is happening or if it's just a glitch in my browser?


Other videos I've translated seem to work fine.


Thank you

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Hi João,

There are only two cases in which the subtiles made with Amara appear on the original YouTube video:

  1. if the owner of the pertinent YouTube channel has synchronized / connected this channel to Amara
  2. if the owner/uploader of the video downloads the subtitles from Amara and adds them to the YouTube video.

Case 1. doesn't seem to be the case here for the YT bankofengland channel.

However, you can contact the owner/uploader via YouTube and suggest s/he re-uses the Amara-made subtitles. Actually, that's what "Mira Tekelova - Positive Money" has done in the YouTube comment she published "5 days ago" (as I write this):

"There are subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese available on Amara:
Could you please make them visible also directly here on youtube (by connecting your youtube channel to Amara)? Thank you!"

It seems really unlikely that the Bank of England will connect its YT channel to Amara in the for-free way described in the Syncing to YouTube how-to, because that would give them no control on what Amara subtitles get published on YouTube. But maybe they'll consider the 2nd option, i.e. download the Amara subs and reupload them to YouTube.

But in the end, what matters is that there is now a link to the Amara subtitled version in the comments to the YouTube video.




I am experiencing the same issue. I've translated two videos and I haven't found the way to publish the video with my Spanish subtitles to my Youtube channel or to any one. I did share them on my Facebook account and they showed up in my timeline but still my account says that "I haven't shared any video" and I have added subtitles to 2 videos and shared them both on Facebook (but again not possible to my Youtube acc).

Could you please help me here to upload those videos to my Youtube account and also how can I download the video itself (including subtitles) as a file from Amara?

Thanks again.


Hi Renan,

Thank you for your query, but could you please give some more info, so I can try to help you better?
  • URL of your Amara profile
  • URLs of the 2 videos you translated with Amara
  • URL of your YouTube account?

"I haven't shared any video" can appear if someone else already created an Amara page for the video before you did, for instance.


Claude Almansi


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